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At Family Practice, our goal is to provide high quality health care for you and your family. Family Practice electronically refills and prescribes your medications through the electronic health record, this allows for the most accurate monitoring of your medications. As of September 2018, we are able to electronically prescribe controlled substances (prescriptions previously needing to be written will now be sent electronically to your pharmacy). This provides better continuity and care for you and your family.

In order to provide refills for our patients and reduce the risk of errors, Family Practice has established the following Guidelines.

  • Refills will only be done Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm. We will not refill medications after hours (including weekends, evenings and holidays).
  • If you will be running out of your medication during a time when the clinic is closed it is your responsibility to request a refill from your pharmacy in a timely manner.
  • All Refill requests are to be made to your pharmacy. The pharmacy electronically requests the refill – this provides the best continuity and decreases errors. Please do not call the office for your refill request, CONTACT YOUR PHARMACY TO REQUEST REFILLS.
  • Please allow 2 business days for medications to be filled.
  • If you take prescription medication daily you will need to be seen in the office on a regular basis for appointments and evaluations. If you are not coming in for an appointment on a regular basis we will no longer prescribe your medication. Your provider will determine the frequency of your visits based on your health problems and medication therapy.
  • If you are asking your Family Practice provider to refill a medication originally prescribed by another provider you will need to talk to your health care provider or may need to be seen for an appointment.
  • If you are taking a prescription for a controlled substance – please contact your pharmacy for refills. We are now electronically refilling these medications and you will need to use the same pharmacy for your refills. Certain controlled substances will only be prescribed for a 30-day supply and need to be renewed monthly.
  • If you are taking an opioid (narcotic) medication you will be receiving additional information regarding the use of this medication including informed consent and patient-provider agreement.